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12 minutes takes appointment on PS5, PS4 and Switch


After launching on PC and Xbox, the interactive thriller Twelve Minutes will soon join the catalogs of the PS5, PS4 and Switch. Arrival is scheduled for December.

What a story will have caused this Twelve Minutes. Remember: at the end of August, the game is released, and shortly after our test follows. But, unfortunately, the sky is falling on our heads. Very dissatisfied individuals will not be long in reproaching us for an unfair note, thereby using disproportionate words. So our opinion should not exist? … How sad! Sniff, sniff …

Excuse this derisive little attempt to infuse second-degree text, it’s that yours truly isn’t very good at handling a light tone. More seriously, if you are interested in the experience offered by this Twelve Minutes Annapurna Interactive, but a lack of material has so far prevented you from approaching it, know that soon the title will also be playable on PS5, PS4 and Switch.

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The appointment is given for December 7.

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