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2 live roulette games earn Drake millions


Opened during 2017, the online casino Stake specializes in cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Tether (USDT). For some time now, he has partnered with rapper Drake. Together, they have created a channel on the live video streaming platform Twitch.

With 157.9 thousand followers, it is called StakeDrake. The famous singer can regularly be seen playing on the famous online casino.

On Monday, October 17, his gaming session was particularly rewarding, thanks to 2 games of online roulette that earned him a total of more than $18 million.

With chips up to 50,000 on a Pragmatic Play Live Casino roulette

At Stake online casino, there are over 2,350 slot machines from the likes of Netent, Betsoft and Microgaming among others. As a bonus, there is also a wide selection of live dealer games from Evolution, Playtech and Pragmatic Play Live Casino.

On Monday, October 17, rapper Drake set his sights on a roulette wheel from the latter publisher. During his games, he did not hesitate to use chips up to 50,000 to place his bets. This has worked out particularly well for him at least twice, as we’ll discover in the next paragraph.

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18,900,000 in winnings in just 2 games

In the first game that we are interested in through today’s news, the rapper Drake focused exclusively on the number 11 by placing no less than 14 bets on full numbers, horses, crosses, squares and sixes.

As the ivory ball came to rest on the corresponding square, he won $12,240,000.

In a later game, he changed the layout of his chips on the carpet. This time he placed 24 chips in total, 10 of which were in the shape of a + with the number 11 in the center. Again, the ivory marble came to rest on the corresponding square, earning the singer $6,660,000.

In all, these 2 games alone managed to offer no less than $18,900,000 to Drake. You could clearly feel the rapper’s enthusiasm after each of these great wins.

Drake’s sports betting curse

While Drake managed to win big on Stake during that famous Pragamtic Play Live Casino software live roulette session, it should be noted that he is not always so lucky. Two days before, he lost nearly $575,000 on a sports bet.

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In fact, some observers even believe that the rapper is unfortunate. He speaks bluntly of the curse Drake. Indeed, no matter the discipline: basketball, tennis, boxing or American soccer, many of the athletes or teams on which he bets lose their match. The star should therefore concentrate on the casino, which seems to be much more successful.

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