Home News A 13-minute trailer for Legends: Pokémon Arceus

A 13-minute trailer for Legends: Pokémon Arceus


Game Freak and The Pokemon Company unveil this new 13-minute trailer providing its share of information and explanations.

Two weeks before the release of Legends: Pokemon Arceus, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company have released a trailer presenting the many particularities of this new game.

The game takes place at Hisui, former name of the Sinnoh region, where humans and Pokémons do not live together as well as they do now. This “open world” is teeming with Pokémon that‘it will be necessary to capture in order to fill our pokédex but also to complete certain quests given by NPCs.

In addition to the presentation of this region in this trailer, a big focus is made on Pokémon battles. We can see the different capture and combat techniques which will allow us to take the advantage against the pokemons that we will meet. Some will be easy to catch,others will immediately attack us without us having time to take out a pokéball.

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This trailer also brings us some information on crafting and interactions with NPCs but also on moving between different biomes and personalizing our character.

This trailer will allow us to make ourselves your own opinion on this new Pokémon while waiting for her official release on January 28 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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