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A 60fps patch on PS5 and Xbox Series for The Crew 2


On the occasion of the announcement of the release of Year 5 in The Crew 2, the multiplayer racing game from Ubisoft revealed the upcoming arrival of 60fps support on the new consoles.

Ubisoft’s car game, The Crew 2, will unveil its Season 5 on March 16. Obviously still very popular with players, the title should offer new online content, stories, vehicles and rewards.

But the studio has mostly announced Year 5, which will feature an upgrade on new consoles from PlayStation and Microsoft.

Indeed, the multiplayer game developed by Ivory Tower should deploy its major update in July with the arrival 60 fps support on PS5 and Xbox Series X. A rather important advance for a nervous and fast game like The Crew 2, whose release dates back to 2018, with technology that is starting to pale in comparison to titles like Forza Horizon 5 or Gran Turismo 7.

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We can consider the usual improvements also with this patch for next summer, such as more advanced graphics options on vehicles and the environment. The update will also modify the behavior of certain vehicles. Year 5 already announces 3 new seasons with content and “new ways to explore the open world of gaming”.

Source: news.ubisoft.com

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