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A Beginner’s Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

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The casino sector is a highly competitive market because there are many people involved. All online casinos are making frantic efforts to get new customers and keep old players. One major way these online casinos can achieve this is by offering mouth-watering bonuses and casino rewards to everyone.

These incentives include promotion offers, VIP rewards and other bonuses whose percentages vary depending on bookies. Let’s delve into this guide about the many online casino bonuses available.

What are casino bonuses?

Casino Bonuses are a unique promotional incentive which is offered by online casino Canada bookies as an added promotion to encourage players to sign up with them. These online casino promos are of different categories, however, the objective is the same across the board.

The aim of online casino bonuses

Online bookmakers offer players different categories of bonuses to attract and welcome new customers. These offers are designed in a way to make registering with the platform simple and for customers to enjoy freer cash from their platforms.

Moreover, online casino bonuses help encourage old members to keep betting with the platform and retain them. When these online casinos offer juicy weekly and monthly offers, this lets the players know that the casino cares about them. Offers of these types include cashback and reload options.

Additionally, these promotional incentives help promote players playing a particular casino game. There are certain bonuses for live casino games, others are meant for dealer games, while online slots have many categories of bonuses.

Advantages of using an online casino bonus

There are several benefits of using a casino bonus, which will be highlighted below:

Good for boosting bankroll

An online casino bonus is good to enhance your bankroll while staking. If you have $100 in your account, with a bonus of $200, you will get a $300 balance in the account.

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Nice for great for high rollers

High rollers are players who stake heavily on bets, and having bonuses help them stake better. This will help these high rollers to continue staking on these casino games.

Gives time to learn strategies

When you have a promo or casino reward, you have more time to learn techniques about online casinos. Since you are offered free cash, you will be able to stake in any games and explore their options.

Disadvantages of online casino bonuses

While there are many pros of using an online casino bonus, there are also some cons.

Delayed Cashout feature

When you use bonuses offered by bookies, you will have difficulty using the cash-out feature. Some bookies won’t even allow you to cash out till all games are completed.

Stringent wagering requirements

Most online casinos have very tough wagering requirements which might be difficult to achieve. These requirements make it difficult for many players to win because some bookies require you to roll over winnings at least 3 times before they can withdraw.

Best bonuses offered by online casinos

New casino players who don’t understand the habits these casino offers should read this section. Here is the popular type of casino rewards available:

No deposit

No deposit bonuses are very juicy bonuses offered to players who don’t have free cash in their accounts. This promo is offered to new customers and old players anytime. Many bookies allow you to play some free games without making any deposit in your account.

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Many Canadian casinos offer this promo like:

  • Spin city
  • Jackpot City
  • Leo Vegas
  • Bodog
  • Betway

However, since this is a free cash offer, the wagering requirements are very stringent.

Deposit Match Casino

Online casinos provide this deposit casino to attract fresh players to their platform. This bonus agrees to match a deposit which is made at a certain percentage. However, there is always a capped limit in this offer. Paying via Visa, Verve, PayPal and bank transfers can also give some benefits using this offer.

Free Spins

This is also another unique and rare casino reward which is specific to online slots. Free spins offered by top gaming platforms range from 100–400 free spins weekly. This promo allows you to play some rounds before crediting your account.

Cashback bonus

Another excellent bonus option is offered as a loyalty reward for players. This offer guarantees some percentage of losses to be paid to a player weekly or monthly. In many cases, cashback promotions come as bonus credits. There are certain T&Cs to get this offer.

Welcome bonuses

This offer is available on almost every online bookmaker in the world. The welcome bonuses are given when you register newly on a platform. The percentages of the welcome bonuses differ depending on the bookie you are using. This is a 7-day time limit with this casino reward system before it disappears.

Due to the numerous online casinos in the world, every bookie is seeking a way to outdo its rivals. Giving players huge bonuses remains an ideal way to ensure they get new clients and keep old gamblers.

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