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a controversial 1.15 update? News @VGR


With the latest update, Gran Turismo was able to see new vehicles appear. A contribution which was also accompanied by a price increase of its cars.

Last Thursday (May 26, 2022), Gran Turismo 7 received a new update and thus welcomed new vehicles. But we must believe that this contribution was accompanied by another not really folichon and which will certainly not help the game of Polyphony Digital to redeem itself with its public.

Prices up with patch 1.15

Unfortunately, with the new patch, on 1.15, some of the rarest and therefore most expensive vehicles in the game have not become more accessible. Quite the contrary. Their price – and in particular with the intermediary of the Hagerty insurance company with which sony has partnered – has been upgraded. The main objective of such an undertaking, which is mentioned on the patch note, would be to match the value of virtual cars to their real-life models.

So, as one GTPlanet user who had access to racing game data pointed out, 25 cars have been or will be re-evaluated and would then have recorded an average increase of nearly 4% (3.8% more precisely). The Ferrari F40, for example, which until then was offered at around 1.3 million credits can now only be acquired at the price of 2.6 million, a little more than double.

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As for the other vehicles, 21 remain and will remain, it seems, at the price already fixed and two others will have to benefit from a reduction (if it is not already done). Something that we will see during the next “readjustment” expected for August.

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