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A Dead By Daylight board game planned for Halloween


It may not be as nervous as the video game, but it will be filled with thrilling adventures promises Behavior, which unveils a board game in the universe of its horror game.

One Dead by Daylight officially licensed physics board game set to arrive Halloween 2022announced Behavior Interactive which will produce this project with its partner Level 99 Games.

The asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, whose DLCs are linked together for ever more thrills, will reach a new audience with this board version whose Kickstarter fundraising campaign will be launched on March 29 next. Fans will therefore be able to reserve a copy of this game in advance by providing funds.

How’s it going? Like the video game, two teams will compete: a Killer, and two to four Survivors will have to cooperate to restart power generators. A regular version ($49.99) will offer 6 killers and 7 survivors on two game boards. collector’s edition ($99.99) advance 16 killers and 17 survivors on 4 maps.

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The studio does not say if localized versions are planned, but a physical release is planned for the fall, and shipments are possible to France. Unfortunately, the creator did not obtain official licenses, so we won’t see the mask of Scream, or the characters of Freddy or Michael Myers. The other killers from Dead by Daylight should be in the game, with figures you can see in this image:

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