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a game not exclusive to Xbox? News @VGR


Owned by Bethesda, Indiana Jones might not be exclusive to Xbox. This is what a journalist suggests, without being really sure.

Indiana Jones, here is a game that does not show itself to the masses. Not much has indeed been shown about him, except for a very short teaser published some time ago when the curtain was raised on his existence. But, now a certain rumor arises about him. However, beware, this is nothing very consistent.

A cross-platform release?

We say it has been planned for at least ten years, but when will it be released? No one knows, the team in charge is more than discreet about him. And, while waiting for an official communication, only the noises of corridors will be able to try to put us on the track. Although, question of reliability, we will come back, as with regard to the comments made by the journalist Jez Corden (Windows Central) who seems to be quite informed about the platforms targeted by the game… or not that much after all.

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In development at Machine Games (Wolfenstein) – now owned by Microsoft since the takeover of Bethesda –, Indiana Jones would not be an exclusive Xbox, as one would surely expect. But, Corden, in bringing it up, urges caution. And yes, although it seemed to him at first in affirming it and he then expressed doubt, saying that between the moment he heard the info and the moment he passed it on ( either quite recently during an Xbox Two podcast) the situation could have changed:

This is not the case [Il ne sera pas exclusif]. […] The only info I got on Indiana Jones is that it wasn’t exclusive, but that was a long time ago, maybe something has changed.

So what weight should be given to all of this, knowing that Bethesda’s next two titles (the all too nebulous Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6) will only appear on Xbox? We’ll see if Corden had been right…and in not too many years, we hope.

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