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A gameplay video for Crystar (Switch)


Expected for the month of April on Switch, the Action-RPG developed by Furyu Corporation now provides a gameplay video.

The title will send us to meet two sisters: Rei and Mirai. The latter are inspired by purgatory and develop certain faculties. At least this is the case for Kingwho loses control of it and accidentally kills his sister.

However, despite the loss, King sees hope. A contract is offered to her by the demons of these sinister places: she will have to, on their behalf, get rid of the creatures that are rampant here and there in purgatory. But, she will not be alone. Other individuals charged with the same mission, the “Executors”will help him in his task.

The game will offer to alternate between four different characters (Rei, Kokoro, Sen, Nanana). By dint of fighting, they will fill their “Tear Gauge” and thus acquire the ability to call upon a kind of super-powerful guardian. Here is an example:

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Crystar will be released April 1 on Switch. The game had already appeared on PS4 in 2019.

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