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a launch loaded with games? News @VGR


During an information meeting, Jim Ryan provided some information about PSVR 2, and more specifically about the number of games that will be dedicated to it at launch.

Slowly, the PSVR 2 comes out of the shadows. Its design is no longer a secret and an official dedicated page was even opened a few months ago by Sony. But, with regard to the release date, we will come back, even if new indications seem to designate 2023 as the release window. And so, while waiting for clarification on this subject, the Japanese giant provides us with a new element: the catalog of games available at launch.

Twenty games at the launch of PSVR 2

According to comments shared by jim ryan (CEO of SIE), Sony seems to be fully committed to preparing for the launch of the long-awaited PSVR 2. Thus, the fruit of these efforts should be the provision of about twenty titles as soon as the new machine is released. This will include, quite logically, productions stamped playstation as well as productions from third-party and independent studios. Here is the statement:

At this time, huge amounts of money are being spent on partnerships with independent developers and other third-party developers to ensure a massive pipeline of engaging VR content when PlayStation VR2 launches.[…] That energy, that effort, and that money will continue to grow as the installed base of PlayStation VR2 headsets also grows.

What games? The mystery is still complete or almost: announced last January, Guerrilla is currently working in partnership with Firesprite on Horizon Call of the Mountain, an episode specially designed for the PSVR 2 which should “open the doors to a world deeper than that of Horizon”.

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