Home News A launch trailer for Back 4 Blood’s first DLC

A launch trailer for Back 4 Blood’s first DLC


Tunnels of Terror, the first DLC of Back 4 Blood is coming soon with two new characters, new monsters and an additional difficulty mode.

The asymmetrical and cooperative shooter Back 4 Blood has just revealed details about its first DLC, Tunnels of Terror, scheduled for April 12 on all game media, PC, Xbox and PlayStation. This additional content will bring two new playable Cleaners“Sharice, an axe-wielding firefighter known for her defensive skills, and Heng, a tough-as-nails, ruthless restaurateur skilled in killing the Infested with her knife.”

In the video you can also see the new Infested Hives, the new cooperative PvE activity where teams of 4 players must explore 7 dungeons, tunnels filled with monsters under Evansburgh. It will also be an opportunity to discover new Infested like the sea ​​urchinswhich launch anti-personnel mines, Shredders where the Rippers.

The DLC will finally add 8 character skins, 7 new legendary weapons, 12 weapon skins and new maps for his build. Finally, a new difficulty mode “No hope” will make it even more difficult than at present, and it’s not won.

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Good news, all players will be able to access the content of this DLC in cooperative play if at least one of the friends has purchased the pack. No need to have it in 4 copies then. Back 4 Blood – Expansion 1: Tunnels of Terror, will be available on April 12 in Back 4 Blood: Ultimate Edition, Back 4 Blood: Deluxe Edition, the Back 4 Blood Annual Pass, or by separate purchase.

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