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a leak just before the livestream of this June 17? News @VGR


Less than a day away from the livestream for FF7, a fairly reputable leaker is now trying to tweak us as to what reveal is in store for us.

On the night of June 16 to 17, fans of the license have an appointment with Final Fantasy VII for a few minutes devoted to 25th anniversary of the episode. A very short moment, lasting approximately nearly 10 minutes apparently, during which we were nonetheless promised “lots of info”.

And, of course, most, if not all, expectations are directed directly at Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II. Will we see it? Well, we’ll wait. On the other hand, one of the planned revelations, if several there are, now seems known…well, more or less.

The return of Crisis Core?

A “new” title should therefore be present during the transmission has just been communicated by a leaker now renowned for his information. Between the raising of riders on The Last of Us Part I, the presence of Silksong in the Game Pass or even the passage in free to play of Overwatch 2, The Snitch no longer has to prove itself. It is therefore with a certain confidence, without being blinded, that we will consider his new information.

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Finally, information is not really the word. Like he usually does, The Snitch only emits a certain number of indices. But, that seems enough to get an idea of ​​the thing. So, if we are to believe what we are seeing, there is a good chance (and it may even be a certainty) of seeing an announcement very soon as for a remaster (or remake?) of a game released in 2008 on PSP, either Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, the prequel featuring the character of Zach. We can also see the latter on the image transmitted in the message made on Twitter.

Which is very possible that it is since the leaker also gives indications on the supposed platforms which will be supposed to welcome it, either the PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC.

See then:

So CrisisCore or not? It’s up to you to speculate or not. Anyway, it’s now only a little less than a day before we find out.

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