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a less funny and less biting episode? News @VGR


According to the former producer and co-founder of Rockstar, who notably worked on the best episodes of the franchise, the future GTA 6 could be very different in the tone used.

GTA 6 has a double cap, between one of the most anticipated games of its generation and one of those with the least information distilled. So to speak, there aren’t even any that haven’t been confirmed yet, and officially not even its design.

After a GTA 5 that has been rinsed to the core thanks to its online mode, what to expect from GTA 6? Jamie king, co-founder of Rockstar Games who has since left the studio, gave his opinion on the matter during a podcast, specifying the direction the game could (or should) take in the future.

I think the tone will change. This is the same engine that will be used in the future, the one I was already working on at the time. They perfected it but I would be very surprised to see a radical change in the game mechanics. On the other hand I would not be surprised if the tone started to change, and it got less tense or less funny …

The term used, which has been translated as “tense”, “edgy”, is very significant in a game like GTA, since it can mean both “daring” and “edgy”. Through these words, we feel that the creator believes that the “borderline” side of the franchise could be slightly erased, thus depriving him also of a certain artistic direction.

I think internally, culturally, whether it’s at Rockstar North or New York, without Leslie and Dan, there will be a difference for sure.

The former co-founder obviously refers to Leslie Benzies, former producer of the franchise who left the presidency of Rockstar North in 2016, but also Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar and ex-great figure of GTA. Departures for artistic divergence like that of Jamie King, who also explains in the interview that the direction the studio was taking no longer suited him. The latter had left the company after the 3D trilogy (3, VC, SA).

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