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A long gameplay video for Evil West


The shooter that revisits the bestiary of monsters with Far West sauce will be released next September. Discover 10 minutes of gameplay which presents in detail the mechanics and the universe.

The new TPS in the Wild West of FocusEvil West, will be released on September 20 on PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC. The publisher has just unveiled a new long gameplay video that presents 10 minutes in game of the game, with a hero who obviously likes to shoot explosive barrels, hang from a grappling hook to do like Nathan Drake, and put bullets in the heads of enemies posted at the top of the saloons, reminiscent of Arcade rail shooters from our childhood.

Blending exploration and shooter, with a hint of character management, Evil West places the player in an original universe that revisits myths and legends with Far West sauce, with monsters, ancestral creatures and vampires. Already available for pre-order, the Flying Wild Hog game will also offer a two player co-op to drive away the demonic hordes.

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