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A Mass Effect series would soon be in preparation at Amazon? News @JVL


It seems that Amazon is on the verge of sealing deals with Electronic Arts for a future Mass Effect series. The famous science fiction saga of BioWare would she also be entitled to an adaptation?

The rumors evoking games adapted in film or in series are bursting at the moment, and the very appreciated Mass Effect license is no exception.

This is the site Deadline who reports this rumor involving an agreement between Amazon and Electronic Arts, evoking at the same time a desire on the part of from amazon to develop more large-scale series, like the Wheel of Time, which has just been launched.

In truth, this project of an adaptation of Mass Effect looks like the editorial line that Amazon wants to develop for these series. We already know thatan adaptation of Fallout is in the works, as teased Bethesda in 2020.

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If we have no additional information at the moment, it would appear thatHenry cavill, playing Géralt in the Netflix series The Witcher, has already prepared the ground at the beginning of the year with a post Instagram.

Some at GamePressure had fun decoding the text present on what could look like a script, and we deduce thatit could well be Mass Effect.

We are far from being able to confirm that the famous Shepard will be played by Henry Cavill, but that is enough to make fans of the saga shudder with impatience.

For the moment, we will have to be content to wait for the next opus, recently teased by BioWare.

Source: deadline.com, www.gamepressure.com

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