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A month after its launch, V Rising continues on the path to success


A month after its release in early access on Steam, V Rising has now reached a new level in terms of sales.

Available in early access from May 17, 2022V Rising had won over gamers since its launch, so much so that some two weeks after it was made available for the price of €19.99it had already elapsed 1.5 million copies. A success that is now confirmed with new figures.

A success that has 2 million followers

The vampiric survival game from the Swedish studio stunlock now has new players. And for good reason, since the first communication of its figures at the beginning of June, V Rising has now managed to reach the 2 million sales. A great success that will surely not stop there and will continue until, why not, approaching 10 million Valheim.

In any case, stunlock intends to satisfy, as he said in a previous note, his audience by providing new content such as loot, new weapons or activities. However, for the moment, the studio wants above all to fix the various bugs that exist here and there.

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