Home News A new date for the psychological thriller Martha is Dead

A new date for the psychological thriller Martha is Dead


Martha is Dead sees its release date pushed back by a few months. A new video and details of the immersion have been revealed.

Batman already knows it, but we’ll say it again once again: Martha is Dead. Oh no sorry, this is a game and not a personal attack by Superman to weaken the Dark Knight. So we are talking about psychological thriller planned for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. LKA and Wired Productions announce postponement to 2022.

Another one, by the way, since the game was to be released at the end of the year. We will have to wait for the February 24, and the publisher took advantage of the Golden Joystick Awards to unveil a new trailer.

The good news is that this release will now be associated with those on PS5 and Xbox Series. As a reminder, the first-person view game takes place in Italy in 1944. In a country in full tension, the drowned body of Martha is found by her twin sister who will investigate the horrors of war, this murder, and the fine line with “superstition”.

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Note that the PlayStation blog has also announced a great immersion with the DualSense controller on PS5.

For example, during times of tension and angst, players will feel their character’s heart race. Players will also be able to feel their character’s footsteps on different types of terrain. Our goal was to make the players feel the movements and emotions of Giulia during her investigation.

The resistance of the adaptive triggers also allows us to play on the immersion. For example, you will have better tactile sensations thanks to the triggers when taking pictures with the character’s 40s camera. It was important to us because photography plays an essential role in solving this mystery.

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