Home News A new Deathloop-related title is reportedly in production

A new Deathloop-related title is reportedly in production


On Twitter, the voice actor behind Deathloop’s main protagonist announced that he was back in the studio for a new title, and possibly in the same universe.

While the Deathloop game, which won a few awards this year, has just been updated with a third big update, another potentially related game is reportedly in production. The information comes from Jason Kelly on his Twitter. The actor is known for having lent his voice to Colt Vahn in the title of Arkane Studios and teased as it should be a new recording session for a still secret project.

To the question of a user to know if this was a DLC for Deathloopthe latter simply replied that he was on “a new title” but that he could not say more for the moment. If the universe of this game or the studio behind it have not been revealed, the actor said that he tagged his photo with the hashtag Deathloop and his character Colt. A hint pointed to a title to the shared universe or an episode 2?

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