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A new exit horizon for No Place For Bravery


Initially announced for the last quarter of 2021, No Place For Bravery is taking advantage of this postponement to be refined.

Developped by Glitch Factory and edited by Ysbryd Games, No Place For Bravery suffered from a postponement at the end of 2021. Faced with this new delay, developers were able to take advantage of their know-how and additional time to fully realize their vision of a dark and violent fable.

No Place For Bravery is an action RPG all in pixel artfeaturing thorn who after having fought all his life and lived in misery, wishes to lay down his sword. Overwhelmed by sadness after losing her daughter Leaf, he discovers a new lead that could unite them again. Thus begins a ruthless quest to discover thelearned about his demise and explore the fine line between heroism and obsession.

In this adventure, you will have to face Dewrland, a devastated land populated by bandits, assassins and fearsome bosses. Increased mastery of combat will be necessary because the slightest false step will be fatal to you.

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Your quest will begin at Q3 2022 on Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC.

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