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A new hotfix for Phasmophobia that fixes VR


The multiplayer horror investigation game fixes several bugs, including a problem related to the use of SteamVR on PC.

The PC horror game Phasmophobia announced this Thursday a hotfix which continues to deploy its “VR Overhaul”.

Indeed, the small update follows April’s major update 0.6 and focuses mainly on the virtual reality parts of the game. This time, in addition to fixing many texture or animation bugs, the developer removes a bug that caused the game to close for SteamVR users.

VR Overhaul patch note | Hotfix v0.6.1.7

  • Fingerprints on some objects in Maple Lodge campsite are now the correct size.
  • Ghosts no longer get stuck outside medium tents when trying to kill a player.
  • House candles now work correctly.
  • Ghosts no longer get stuck in the wrong animation during events and hunts.
  • Tent windows now have the correct textures.
  • Candles and lighters no longer go out if the host goes outside in heavy rain.
  • Playing without VR with SteamVR installed will no longer automatically close the game after SteamVR’s idle timeout (10 minutes by default).

Source: steamcommunity.com

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