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A new Need For Speed ​​in the open world? News @VGR


The Chinese giant Tencent is recruiting developers for a new project: the porting of a racing license from Electronic Arts, entrusted to the developer of Pokémon Unite.

The historical license Need for Speed is not at the height of his fame. Most of the games are considered unprofitable, a new opus is not particularly planned, and apart from a remaster, nothing new for the saga since. the opus Heat in 2019.

But according to several job offers posted on Tencent’s site, the huge Chinese video game group is working in collaboration with Electronic Arts. to bring a “world famous license” to mobile with Unreal Engine 4.

In detail, these offers mention a “mobile racing game set in a large open world”, and according to a Reddit user (which we cannot confirm), the name “Need For Speed ​​Online Mobile” also appears. The project seems entrusted to TiMi Studio, a mobile specialist in the group, and carriers of very profitable projects Pokémon Unite, Call of Duty Mobile or Arena Of Valor.

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Remember that EA also has Codemasters, which does not protect us from a mobile opus for F1 or DiRT in the future…

Source: gamingbolt.com

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