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A new report for Kerbal Space Program 2


Kerbal Space Program 2 returns with a probably disappointing main tidbit: the game is now part of a new release window.

Decidedly, Kerbal Space Program 2 is absolutely in no hurry to be released. First planned for an arrival in 2020the game ofIntercept Games then aimed for an exit for 2021 before being postponed to 2022. Something that is no longer relevant since the space simulation is now announced for 2023. This has certainly already been mentioned previously, in a news centered on Take Two, however, here, we bring some additional details.

A game full of promise

Yet another delay that can somewhat irritate fans of the first opus released in 2019but which comes with a certain promise, and not least.

It’s that, according to Nate Simpson (the creative director), Kerbal Space Program 2 really needs time. According to the words shared, the development team is currently working on a coin of one “huge technological complexity” which logically requires redoubled attention in order to offer an experience worthy of impressing players.

We are creating a game of immense technological complexity. And we have assembled a team of passionate and talented people to achieve this goal. But we have also set ourselves very high quality standards.

The game should perform well on a wide range of machines. The graphics should be second to none. The universe should be rich and interesting to explore.

We have set ourselves the internal goal of creating an experience that is both original and breathtaking. And as I mentioned before, we’ve strengthened our team with the developers of the original Kerbal Space Program, and together we’re creating something that we’re all very, very proud of.

And so, if the studio’s objectives are met, the game will first be released on PC at the beginning of 2023. The console versions, for their part, will follow in the year.

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