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A new Sly Cooper for the PS5 soon to be announced? News @VGR


According to several insiders, a fifth installment of Sony’s franchise is in preparation for an announcement very soon. The animated series may also be coming soon.

For a few hours, several insiders believe that a Sly Cooper project would soon be back on the PS5 console. According to several sources, the famous PlayStation franchise, which is owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment, could be revived. In the latest podcast XboxErathe host believes that the reveal date announced next June is, however, unrealistic.

The rumor is not recent since the name of the game has been coming up repeatedly in authorized circles for a few weeks. Last March, AccountNGT was also counting on a presentation for the second half of 2022, potentially for the next State of Play or the next, in any case between June and September 2022.

A 5th opus at the same time as the series?

The latest rumors finally suggest that the title will not be returned to Sucker Punch, who had developed the first three games before selling the franchise to Sanzaru Games for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time in 2013 on PS3 and PS Vita. Instead, Pixel Opus could take care of itSIE’s in-house development studio that has developed two titles so far including Concrete Genie.

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Finally, remember that a raccoon animation series was announced in 2019 but has no date yet. Sony Pictures would wait for the announcement of Sly 5 to unveil the project jointly.

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