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A new State of Play is approaching


In a few days, Sony will host a new State of Play. PSVR 2 games should also take the opportunity to announce themselves.

A new State of Play is coming. However, big games made in Sony should have very little, if any, time spent on them. Hasn’t the time yet come for God of War Ragnarok to show up, or for Sly Cooper to reveal himself? Probably not, because as announced, it will rather be a question of granting attention to creations from third-party publishers. But there may be hope.

An event more dedicated to PSVR 2 games?

Apparently the PSVR 2 will also take advantage of the thirty minutes programmed by the Japanese giant to finally give an overview of some of these gamesenough to have a certain idea, although very relative, of the titles that will appear when the machine is launched.

Apart from that, different announcements and revelations seem planned this June 2, 2022, date of the new appointment. The latter will be followed on Youtube and Twitch from 11:59 p.m..

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