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A new The Witcher saga is in development


CD Projekt has confirmed it: a brand new The Witcher saga is in development, but it’s not for now a priori.

Witcher fans will be delighted to learn that CD Projekt has just formalized the arrival ofa brand new The Witcher saga on consoles and PC.

Towards a The Witcher 4 or something else?

Unfortunately, the mystery remains as to the direction this new epic will take. Maybe we’ll see Ciri become the heroine, or Geralt could stack up again. And why not something completely new and anchored in the same universe? Everything is possible right now.

The only information CD Projekt gives us is the abandonment of its graphics engine house, the Red Engine, in favor of the Ureal Engine 5already seen in action on the impressive (playable) tech demo Matrix Awakens on PS5.

That’s all good, but now we’re asking for more info!

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Despite the engine change for the studio’s next games, Cyberpunk 2077he will remain under RedEngine until the end.

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