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A Nintendo Direct planned for a very soon date? News @VGR


After Sony, Xbox, Capcom or others, it will probably be Nintendo’s turn to make its little presentation. Anyway, that’s what the rumors say.

In this period, it is not the conferences that are lacking. playstation had his at the very beginning of June, Xbox has just released its own, and Capcom will show its catalog this June 14 at midnight, among which the remake of Resident Evil 4 will also have a dedicated moment. And, apparently, Nintendo will not be outdone with a show scheduled for this end of the month.

A Nintendo Direct on June 29?

Alanah Pearce seems well informed regarding the date of the next Nintendo Direct. The scriptwriter officiating at Sony Santa Monica and former journalist indeed had a word about it during her last stream Twitch.

Asked about a new Nintendo show by one of its attendees, Pearce pointed to the date of the June 29, 2022supported by one of these notes where the info was visibly written.

Is there a Nintendo Direct announced? No, but I believe there will be a Nintendo Direct on the 29th. I don’t know if it was announced, you heard it here first. Let me check… I wrote it down. On the 29th, yeah, June 29, Nintendo Direct. It’s not technically a leak because Nintendo didn’t tell me, and that’s how I make that choice. But I’m not divulging what’s inside.

Information that corroborates with what seems to have heard VGC, the site to which we owe in particular to have reported the above-mentioned statement by Pearce. But, it is not the only one, other sources advance exactly the same point:

The information is accurate. The broadcast window is either June 28 or June 29 – this may depend on the time zone or region.

The broadcast was never scheduled for next week. It has been scheduled for the end of June for many, many weeks. It is not the result of a delay.

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