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A Plague Tale: Requiem reveals new gameplay and a ton of rats


A Plague Tale: Requiem shares with us a new gameplay sequence, shortly before Gamescom 2022, to make our mouths water.

Released in 2019 A Plague Tale: Innocence was so successful that a sequel was quickly put in the works. The second opus, A Plague Tale Requiem, will be released on October 18 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC and Switch (via the Cloud). The latter also takes advantage of the last few months that remain to show more.

A darker story and always more rats

A Plague Tale Requiem will tell us the continuation of the (mis)adventures of Hugo and his sister Amicia who are desperately trying to live in peace and survive in an era plagued by wars and plague. If the first game was clearly not a walk in the park for our two heroes, this second game promises a much darker atmosphere and a more mature storyas shown in these few minutes of gameplay.
Rats will obviously be once again at the center of the experience and will be even more numerous and vicious than before. Here again the video shows us gigantic hordes of rats running down the scenery like real tidal waves, eating everything that stands in their way, including humans. It promises.

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Amicia, meanwhile, will have more tools and experience in combat. Although this last one seems to always privilege the infiltration, she will not hesitate any more to cross the iron nor to kill whoever would try to attack her little brother. Brother who, we remind it, has a certain affinity with the disgusting rats which hang out a little everywhere. A Plague Tale Requiem looks like it’s going to be a good oneWe just have to wait for the release to know for sure.

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