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a postponement announced at an upcoming PlayStation event? News @VGR


There’s been a rumor that Square Enix’s big PS5 game won’t be released again in May. This should become official at an upcoming event planned by Sony.

Since the Game Awards 2021, the exclusive PS5 Forspoken knows its release date. However, the information communicated during the ceremony should soon become obsolete. Indeed, according to the page Twitter AccountNGTthe title published by Square Enix would no longer be released on next may 24, but later. Besides, sony should soon organize an event that will formalize the thing. It would be planned for this month of march.

According to a source, Forspoken is delayed. It might be officially announced during this PlayStation Event (not sure).

If the existence of this program were to be confirmed, other titles should also be mentioned. Thus, we could also hope to learn more about the release date of a certain God of War Ragnarok, which – according to an unofficial source – would appear in June 2022. But, given the reputation of the last advertiser, the September release seems much more likely. In any case, the game is still expected for 2022 and not 2023.

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Source: www.gamereactor.eu

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