Home News A potential Shenmue 4 revealed by its future publisher? News @VGR

A potential Shenmue 4 revealed by its future publisher? News @VGR


In a post on Instagram, the studio 110 Industries would have left a big clue about the possible production of Shenmue 4 by Yu Suzuki.

The editor 110 Industries would have revealed a clue to the potential Shen Mue 4 which has never been announced. It all started with a post on the studio’s Instagram featuring a new TPS action game, Wanted: Dead, due in 2022.

As always when a studio talks about a game, a fan commented to ask for another. And precisely, a question evoked Shenmue 4 and the possibility for 110 Industries to publish this next game. Surprisingly, the account then replied, “guess why Suzuki was on our stream at TGSbefore removing the post.

To understand what this message refers to, you have to go back to the publisher’s showcase at the last Tokyo Game Show, a stream where the futuristic FPS Wanted: Dead was presented. Just before the announcement Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki appeared for five minutes for no apparent reason. At least until now, since apparently he was there as a partner for an upcoming game.

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If Suzuki has already mentioned the possibility of making a sequel to the series, this new opus has never been officially announced for the moment. Shenmue III was released on PC and PS4 in 2019., with the help of Deep Silver. According to other rumors, Suzuki tried to sign a partnership with Stadia, without success.

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