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A PS5 exclusive could go free-to-play


A year after its launch, the Destruction AllStars fighting title is struggling to find its audience. Sony would have a solution in sight to solve this problem.

If it seemed like a good idea by the way, Destruction AllStars is not one of the PS5 greatest hits. Worse still, the game is, according to rumors, considered a big flop by Sony who canceled Twisted Metal at Lucid Games following this failure.

In an attempt to breathe new life into this racing title, one year after its launch, the publisher could consider a switch to free-to-playwhich would bring it even closer to a direct competitor, Rocket League.

The rumor comes from a Reddit user who just noticed that while updating the new patch 3.0.1 on January 26untranslated codes related to this freebie could appear in the game screen during installation.

As seen here, I noticed that each challenge had the prefix “BS_F2P_CHALLENGE”. Potentially revealing that the game plans to go free-to-play in the near future.

Will a free gift be enough to give a little panache to Destruction AllStars? Several titles have already tried the operation successfully in the past. Especially PUBGone of the most played games on PC but which was running out of steam, and which finally hit new heights during its lag in free-to-play recently.

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