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a recruiting that skates and a game for 2028? News @VGR


According to new information collected by Tom Henderson, the development of the new Quantic Dream game would be far from the expectations of the studio, which is struggling to have a roadmap.

After the news on FIFA 23, the insider Tom Henderson announces to have a new scoop via its site Xfire. According to him, sources close to Quantic Dream have confirmed that the Star Wars Eclipse development was already at a standstill.

After the reveal of the trailer that raised the hype among many players, the French studio failed to recruit as many staff as expected. Henderson, who was one of the journalists to have revealed the project before the others, explained at the time that the AAA had been under construction for 18 months.

During the presentation of the game, another source estimated it would take 4 or 5 years to see it, pushing the release to 2026 at best.

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So why was the game announced so early?“, asks Tom Henderson, who answers himself in stride: the practice, more and more common in the industry (hello GTA 6 and Elder Scrolls 6), allows to “securing development talent“. In other words, have time to recruit the best developers on the projectt, since they obviously cannot be available on several AAAs at the same time.

But obviously, QD does not attract. Affected by serious accusations about working conditions, and also by a high-profile trial, David Cage’s studio would have a hard time finding teams.

However, sources close to Quantic Dream have told me that while the trailer has been extremely well received by the gaming community – and it certainly looks great – it hasn’t had the intended effect, namely to attract talented developers to the studio.

From now on, Star Wars Eclipse will therefore be considered for 2027-2028. As a reminder, as can be seen on the studio’s job offers page, there is always more than one sixty positions availablea figure which, instead of decreasing, has been visibly increasing for months.

Moreover, after further investigation by Xfirewe discovered that Quantic Dream manually updated the posting date listed on each of the job postings, to make them appear more recent.

At last, Tom Henderson argues that revealing the trailer so early in the creative process would have an economic purpose. Indeed, Quantic Dream would like to show off its talent to make an investor want to take over the companyright in a period of takeovers of big companies.

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Are you waiting for this SW Eclipse? Do you fear a new video game Arlesian?

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