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A release date for the new expansion of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla


Good news, the epic of Eivor will not stop in 2022. A year after its release, Ubisoft still has content in reserve and is preparing a new expansion called “Dawn of Ragnarök”, scheduled for March 10 2022.

Dawn of Ragnarök is presented as “The most ambitious extension of the franchise”. Ubisoft promises more than 35 hours of play in an unprecedented realm. Eivor will once again have to immerse himself in the universe of norse mythology taking the features of Odin to help the dwarf world, the Svartalfheim. Thanks to his divine powers and new protagonists, Eivor will have to save Baldr, the son of Odin himself, of an immortal fire giant named Surtr.

All players who will purchase the expansion between December 13 and April 9, 2022 will receive le Twilight Pack which will be available immediately in the base game. This exclusive bonus will include the raven skin Envoy of Dellingr, the Lynx Havardr mount skin, the Twilight Gear Pack and the Algurnir Ax.

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If you are the very impatient type, know that two new cross stories have been available for free since yesterday, featuring Eivor and Kassandra. One will take place in the universe of Valhalla, the other in that Odyssey.

“What happens when two Assassin’s Creed heroes meet?” “. The Crusader Tales of Assassin’s Creed will answer this question for the first time. This is indeed the first project linking two games of the franchise, Ubisoft intends to offer “a unique narrative experience for players”.

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