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a release in several months? News @VGR


After years of painful development, Dragon Age 4 would finally see some small lights. Result, EA would consider releasing the game a little earlier than expected.

Ah what a beautiful Arlesian this is Dragon Age 4. In development since 2017, the next game from the famous RPG-fantasy license has been talked about more for its internal setbacks than for concrete information around the game.

Development reboot, abandonment of the GaaS model after the failure of Anthem in favor of a solo experience with impactful choices, departure of several licensees, the title did not seem ready to be released. And yet, the development of the game would finally be on the right track.

Towards a release by the end of 2023?

According to information from Jeff Grubbexpert in rumors and leaks of all kinds, Dragon Age 4 teams would have made huge strides and would have crossed new development milestones. So much so that EA would be optimistic for release the game within the next 18 monthsi.e. by early fall 2023 at the latest.

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Well, it’s still an Electronic Arts game, so we’re never safe from a bad surprise. One thing is certain, however, fans will be able to wait this year with new images and information around Dragon Age 4. Let’s hope it’s finally something other than concept art.

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