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a second map planned for 2023? News @VGR


After leaking the first map of Warzone 2, normally expected for the end of the year, Tom Henderson hinted that a second will arrive in 2023 in the Call of Duty Battle Royale.

While Warzone 2 has yet to be released, and hasn’t even been made official yet, an update would already be planned for its Year 2. As a reminder, insider Tom Henderson (the aptly named “famous American journalist” as they say on the other side of the world) recently unveiled (see video below) which should be the map of this new Battle Royale, a title allegedly set for the end of 2022 or beginning of 2023shortly after the new Modern Warfare 2.

Still according to him, via his website expute, a second card would arrive in the game for the end of the year 2023thus offering another area to hang out with friends on the occasion of Year 2. We don’t know more about this map, even if the latter should, like the first, propose a new swimming system, with a large expanse of water around the area, and rivers to cross.

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As a reminder, the first leaked map will be as large as “Rebirth Island” from the first Warzone, estimates the journalist.

Source: exputer.com

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