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A sequel for Ninja Baseball Bat Man, 29 years later


Released in 1993 on the arcade, the beat’em all Ninja Baseball Bat Man should know a sequel soon, thanks to the Korean developer CRT Games.

A new Ninja Baseball Bat Man at CRT Games? The Korean company is not particularly well known on this side of the world, but it specializes in remastering old franchises. In his portfolio available on his official website, three titles are currently showing: Snow Bros. Special (already released, Jaleco’s Classic Masterpiece and a mysterious “Irem’s Belt Scroll Action!”.

The description is succinct:

Four heroes against an alien invasion

The Original is a thrilling action masterpiece from IREM and DM!


The illustration of this game, in the background and slightly blurred, leaves little room for doubt. We can see there what seems to be the Ninja Baseball Bat Man logo, associated with the number 2, a title that perfectly matches the description given by the studio. It would therefore seem that a sequel is planned soon on the side of the Korean developer.

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The first episode, released in 1993, is an arcade co-op beat’em all where the player controls one of four ninja baseball players who smash aliens’ mouths with a bat.

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