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A sequel or a remaster of The Order 1886 on PS5 in the boxes of Sony? News @VGR


Would Sony have the idea of ​​plunging us back into Victorian-era London with The Order 1886? In any case, the brand has just been redeposited in the United States.

Who remembers The Order 1886? Video game work developed by Ready At Dawn Studios, which immerses us in a Victorian London, and where our Knights of the Round Table must restore order and justice in a world populated by Lycans.

The title had captivated us by its artistic touch and sumptuous graphics. We were a little less so by its gameplay and its interventionist side which had the gift of drastically shortening the lifespan of the software.

If the license did not give no more sign of life since its release in 2015, here is a piece of news that will rekindle the flame. Indeed, we learn that the mark has been registered again in the United States. And it’s very recent since it was on December 9th.

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This deposit may have the sole purpose of not lose the right to use the mark which has probably not been used for more than 5 years. Or Sony has a nice surprise in store for us preparing a remaster of the 1st opus – a remake is less likely given the development time required.

And if a sequel was in the works, it remains to be seen who would do it, given that Ready at Dawn has been under the Oculus fold ever since.

How would you welcome a sequel to The Order 1886?

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