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A sequel to expect for GhostWire: Tokyo? News @VGR


Released last March on PlayStation and PC, GhostWire: Tokyo was discussed by its director during an interview, who mentioned a sequel.

When leaving the March 25 on the PlayStation and PC consoles, GhostWire: Tokyo was well received by its tester at the time, our dear friend Kikitoès. However, as he conceded in his article, the title of Tango Gameworks could very well not be unanimous among players. And, perhaps, would you go in this direction? But, if you enjoyed the experience it provides, you definitely wouldn’t say a sequel, right? Well, his manager, the same.

Admittedly, nothing has been finalized yet. Everything is limited to mere words. There is always that Kenji Kimura expressed – during an interview with IGN Japan – his desire to return for a second opus. And that’s not all, since he also mentioned the possibility of extending the experience of his recent title by adding DLCs.

I’m very excited about this project, and I’m sure that when I’m a bit more relaxed and calm, I’ll come up with ideas for DLCs and sequels, and want to make them happen. Nothing has been decided yet, so I can’t really tell you more.

So it remains to be seen if this will happen. For now, we will especially watch for possible Xbox versions, which could see the light of day given the link between Bethesda and Microsoft.

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