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A sextape of Tifa (FF7) is embedded in a Senate conference in Italy


When you make a videoconference on Zoom, you have to know how to secure it to avoid Zoombombing. The Italian senate has just had the sad experience of this, with a Final Fantasy hentai.

During a very serious videoconference, from the Italian senate, a smart guy managed to get in as if nothing had happened before leaving a little message.

In full speech, also broadcast live on local channels, the conference was parasitized by a pornographic sequence, a hentai, featuring Tifa Lockhart, iconic character of Final Fantasy 7, in front of the almost total indifference of the other online participants.

A surrealist “Zoombombing” which will certainly go down in history, and may make you smile, but which is clearly not to everyone’s taste. Furthermore, one of the senators stepped up and filed a complaint with the authorities pointing to this “very serious episode, a real attack against which she expresses absolute contempt”.

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Of course, we won’t share the full video with you, bunch of little perverts.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.fr

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