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A Smash Bros movie. by the director of Sonic The Hedgehog 2? News @VGR


In operation promotion, the director of Sonic 2 engaged in various interviews. One of them allowed to evoke the potential cinematic adaptation of Smash Bros.

Would it be possible to see one day Mario and Co. argue in the cinema, as we had the opportunity to do on consoles through the series of titles offered by Nintendo? It seems rather to belong to the realm of dreams (or nightmares, it depends), however, nothing prevents us from talking about it. And, that’s what the director of the last film did sonic.

Interviewed by Comicbook.com, Jeff Fowlertherefore, was asked about his interest in other video game adaptations and especially his willingness to look into the Smash Bros.. Something he wouldn’t say no to, as he confessed. However, he also underlined the difficulty that such a project could cause, particularly in terms of the acquisition of rights.

Nothing would make me happier than throwing all the characters into a battle royale and doing a big Smash Bros. thing. The lawyers would probably have to work a bit before that could happen… Putting Mario and Sonic in the ring, I mean everyone was dying for it, right? It’s a classic.

A project that still seems unrealistic, but who knows what it will be in a few years…

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