Home News A Youtuber finishes Sifu in 40 minutes without dying once

A Youtuber finishes Sifu in 40 minutes without dying once


While Sifu has just been released. A Youtuber has achieved the feat of finishing the last game of Sloclap in 40 minutes, and without any death to his credit.

Sifu is a difficult game? Not for everyone obviously, since some speedrunners have already hung Sloclap’s latest title on their already well-stocked hunting list.

And the first listed achievement comes of a youtuber named Dan Allen Gaming -153,000 subscribers to his credit-. The guy has indeed achieved a more than honorable performance in completing the adventure in just 40 minutes. This figure is not necessarily disconcerting when we know that the game is made up of only 5 levels, that they are quite linear and that in addition they sometimes offer shortcuts that take us directly to the boss.

But where it commands a little more respect, is that he finished it without dying… As I speak to you, my Sifu struggles to get out of his EHPADthat is to say!

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Needless to say that the game was released on February 8, either yesterday, and unofficially February 6 for Deluxe Edition owners. Anyway, when it was kind enough to download.

Anyway, if you want to follow his adventure from start to finish, you just have to check out the video that we drop below.

As a reminder, Sifu is already available on PS4, PS5 and PC.

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