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A Youtubeur develops a functional PS5 Slim


A tech specialist has disassembled a PS5 and reassembled it to make a perfectly functional 2 cm high machine: a custom “PS5 Slim”.

Some tech YouTubers are geniuses when it comes to tampering with machines and create alternate versions. We have already seen a microwave oven transformed into a game console or PS4s emulated on handheld consoles from the 80s. This time it’s DIY Perks which is at the origin of a real “PS5 Slim”. If we suspect that Sony is already at work to develop this version, the youtubeur has the scoop on this model for the moment.

To do this, he simply opened the machine and reorganized the internal elements to offer a console cooled by watercooling. The new console is therefore smaller and above all finer (2cm high). Not complicated when you know that the PS5 is one of the biggest machines in history, and could have been even bigger. Of course, he didn’t work on a particular design so for the aesthetic side, we’ll come back. And especially, the cooler should be hidden behind a piece of furniture so as not to have an aquarium next to his PS5 Slim…

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In the meantime, don’t forget to read the FAQ on how to properly position the console so that it doesn’t overheat. As for the real PS5 Slim, it could go into production at the end of the year.

Crazy what you can do with water. I love that. In 20 or 30 years there will be more.

Source: www.playstationlifestyle.net

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