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Abandoned: Kahraman reportedly contacted Konami about Silent Hill


Become the parody of a bad telenovela, the brouhaha around Abandoned would have forced the developers to explain themselves to Konami.

Abandoned has been going off track for months now to the point that we don’t even know what is true or not. After giving us a first glimpse when it was announced, the PS5-exclusive software got lost in the cosmos, stuck between an aggressive community that was getting on its own when seeing Hideo Kojima and Silent Hill everywhere, and a communication of the disastrous studio that overdoes the hype without protection. Results: Abandoned became a running gag.

Kahraman had to explain himself with Konami

Faced with this festival of antics around Silent Hill, Hasan Kahraman, thinking head of BLUE BOX Game Studios, would have felt cornered and overwhelmed by events, to the point that he would have ended up contacting Konami to explain. In any case, this is what the man told Colin Moriarty in a recent podcast.

I contacted them [Konami] and I was very stressed because everyone thought Abandoned was Silent Hill. It’s gotten so out of hand, and you know when you’re a small developer, you’ve never had a big audience, you’re inexperienced. So I contacted Konami to tell them, “You know, this was never my intention” and they were very nice

Despite everything, that didn’t prevent the studio from getting tangled up on numerous occasions, such as with the famous reveals that were never done, or the recent deleted tweets. One thing is certain, we don’t know when or how Abandoned will see the light of dayif he sees it, but the game has already become cult, even if not for the right reasons.

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