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Abandoned still showing nothing, BBGS takes down its tweets


Announced to be “soon” in December, the Abandoned demo was never released. After this umpteenth broken promise, the studio hastened to withdraw its tweets and announces a “minor delay”.

As we predicted a few weeks ago, Abandoned has (once again) failed to deliver on its wild promises. The game, teased many times, never really unveiled but having obtained the approval of Sony who made it one of its upcoming PS5 flagship exclusivewas finally to unveil its Prologue or its technical demo at the first trimester.

Barring a miracle, it’s unlikely we’ll see anything by tonight. Worse still, streamer Lance McDonald discovered that Blue Box Game Studios just remove all tweets mentioning future plans for the game, in particular this famous message announcing that everything would happen “very soon”, three months ago now. A strategy reminiscent of the wet firecracker of the teaser.

The studio or its boss still don’t have nothing publicly announced since the end of December. That said, the studio’s account finally answered the question this week, directly below a post from a social media user:

We are faced with a minor delay, we are working to get the game revealed and released as soon as possible. Our priority is to release the game in a stable state. So it’s taking us a little longer than expected. Thank you for your patience!

A minor delay that has lasted since June 2021. See you next month for the new postponement? Or never, maybe.

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