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Abandoned: the Prologue is coming, the date of February 1 appears


The official PS5 game page and website have updated: The Abandoned Prologue will be released in the first quarter of 2022, but we have already discovered the date.

The Abandoned Prologue was announced soon. Finally, among the many announcements of recent months, which are less and less listened to by the community, there was a “very soon” in the batch then a “Early 2022”.

The official game page has therefore been updated very recently, with a “Coming soon” that appeared on the site, and a PS5 date that appeared on the game sheet: first quarter 2022. Moreover, Blue Box Games announces more information for very soon. By the time Hassan finishes playing it.

In order to avoid a weak impatience to all our readers, we have taken the liberty of delving a little the source code of the official website, we can thus discover an automatic counting script which is not yet displayed and which targets a specific date: February 1, 2022. This time is it the right one?

Source: twitter.com

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