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Abandoned: the studio apologizes, the app and the demo of the game are “not ready”


The game, which was due out in 2022, is increasingly being deemed a “fraud” on the networks. The first part of the PS5 software postponed for several months is no longer planned.

This is not an April Foolsince the message was published the day before, but Blue Box Game Studios has finally come out of its silence, three months after its last communications which reported a Prologue and a technical demo of Abandoned for “very soon”, then for the first quarter of 2022.

As expected, the quarter went by and nothing was published on the side of the vaporware planned for PS5. In a sober statement, which was widely commented on the networks by disgruntled fans, the studio again indicated that the app and the Prologue, the first part of the game, were not ready.

The communication has finally changed since instead of giving a date, even vague, of release, we now move on to a traditional “when it’s done”finally allowing to remove any expectation on a game of which we do not know for the moment neither the name nor the release date, and even less the expected quality.

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On the networks now, players believe that after having abandoned the idea of ​​releasing a game, the studio has abandoned the idea of ​​having a community of fans. In any case, BBGS announces it: “Abandoned is not abandoned”. At least they have a sense of humor.

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