Home News “Abandoned will not be an AAA, review your expectations”

“Abandoned will not be an AAA, review your expectations”


After giving some news on the “technical demo” of the PS5 game to come, the founder of Blue Box Game Studios has again pinned his detractors and indicates that one should not expect a AAA.

In recent months, Blue Box Game Studios fully focused on finalizing his Abandoned game for the PS5, and only speaks on its social networks on rare occasions, unfortunately either to denounce the toxic behavior of some, or to report release dates.

In the middle of Christmas night, the developer released some additional classifieds. First, a technical demo of the game will arrive via the Realtime Experience app which will update. “A notification will be sent to you when the patch is available,” BBGS says.

Second, a first developer post was published on the official website to give news of the game, as the boss had promised. Hasan kahraman recently. The technical demo will be a first approach to the game, explains the studio. It will replace the first app released in the summer which was a big flop. According to the company, it is “not to make the same mistake again”.

After a lot of stress, missed deadlines and chaotic production, we announced the Realtime Experience PS5 app in June 2021 to showcase the game and internal tech. Knowing that the app was announced too early and under the constant pressure of rumors, our team again faced challenges in properly presenting the game through Realtime Experience, which forced them to delay the release. application not once, but twice.

[…] We don’t want to make the same mistakes again. It has all been a huge learning curve for us. We want to deliver a game that you can enjoy.

With the start of the new year, we start with a technical demonstration in the Realtime Experience app via a patch update accompanied by a redesign of the Realtime Experience application for a better user experience. The tech demo shows the technology behind Abandoned in real time, with images, sound and haptic feedback from DualSense wireless controllers adding a new layer to the horror experience.

The studio also gives the date of “1st quarter 2022” for the Prologue, the first part of the game Abandoned. As a reminder, it should be February 1 according to our information.

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Following these messages, founder Hasan Kahraman spoke again, obviously as often very annoyed by users who were very vocal in commenting on these details.

People really need to calm down. Toxicity really creates a lot of pressure and stress. I understand that you are upset, but we are working hard to give you something that you can enjoy. And it takes time. Sorry but that had to be said … PS5 users feel ripped off because they received a 5 second teaser which I deeply apologize on my behalf and on behalf of BLUE BOX, I can really understand it. But there are also a lot of people who complain but don’t even have a PS5.

In addition, for Abandoned we use content created by ourselves. Just because you saw the April teaser doesn’t mean the entire game comes from a content bank. Why do you think it takes a long time to show something? It takes time because we want to show something good. Something you can enjoy.

And yes, me and BLUE BOX are independent and you shouldn’t expect AAA game. Redefine your expectations. Yes we want to do things our way and of course we have failed to do it but we are working on it.

See you in early 2022 to discover a new PS5 app which will act as a reveal and will undoubtedly put a definitive cross in the calendar for the first part of the game expected since last April.

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