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accessibility and ease at the heart of the next update? News @VGR


Sloclap finally backtracked to respond to the rumble of players who found the game too difficult. An update will soon fix this “problem” by making it easier and more accessible.

This will surely not have escaped many people, Sifu is a game with a gamedesign demanding which asks you to gradually master the art of Kung-fu. Each of your deaths makes your character age to the point that some players are unable to complete the game.

If this difficulty was an assumed choice of the developers. This is evidenced by this statement by Pierre Tarno who is the co-founder of Sloclap,

We want that Sifu challenges players and encourages them to learnimprove and adapt. The ability to rise from death will help new players by allowing them to fail and retry multiple times when they run into difficulties. But the price of mistakes will quickly increase, and to completely complete the game, they will have to master the combat system.

this is a little less true today since an update inspired by Metroid Dread will soon be added to make the game more accessible and thus satisfy the greatest number. Indeed, the rumble of frustrated players for not being able to fully enjoy the experience and feeling abandoned on the side of the road prompted the studio to change its tune.

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Fortunately, fans of the challenge will not be neglected. since it will also be possible to further enhance the gaming experience.

In addition to that, a high contrast mode will also make an appearance on PS5 and PS4 in addition improve subtitles.

We do not have more details on the date of its deployment but we will not fail to keep you informed.

As a reminder, Sifu is already available on PS4, PS5 and PC. Do not hesitate to consult our test if you want to form an opinion on the latest addition to Sloclap.

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