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Activision: another complaint for sexual harassment and discrimination


Once again, Activision Blizzard is making headlines, but not for good reason. The publisher is indeed implicated in a case of harassment and discrimination.

While Microsoft has made a historic purchase offer of almost 70 billion dollars and that Bobby Kotick will leave at the same time as the acquisition, Activision Blizzard is once again dragged into court, while all the cases are not yet resolved .

New complaint, but same problem of harassment and discrimination at Activision

A lawyer has just filed a complaint with the prosecution, on behalf of “Jane Doe” (who wishes to remain anonymous), an employee who joined the company in 2017 as a senior administrative assistant in the IT department.

The complainant reveals that she suffered numerous sexual touching (pelotage) during office evenings, heavily alcoholic, where she would have been “strongly pushed to drink”in addition to having suffered a good number of inappropriate comments and even advances from certain hierarchical superiors, while the latter called themselves “just nice” and “trying to be friendly with her”. She also claims to have been under a lot of pressure in an attempt to silence her.

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Finally, the young woman spoke and passed the information on to J. Allen Brack, former director of Blizzard who left the ship shortly after the storm, without success. Since then, the young woman has even seen offers refused after she made wind of what was happening in the company during a press conference.

A woman who says she has been repeatedly abused by her colleagues and superiors, in addition to having been muzzled and then ousted. A heavy accusation which comes to rest on the pile of some 700 incidents recorded in the files in progress. It is therefore not tomorrow that Activision Blizzard will come out of the mess …

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