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Affected by the pandemic, Final Fantasy XVI announces a presentation in 2022


There will be no reveal trailer at the end of the year. Square Enix reveals the reasons for this delay and postpones the presentation by a few months.

The announcement was made via a statement from the producer Naoki Yoshida (who keeps communicating at the moment, the fault of Endwalker): the future Final Fantasy XVI will not give any news at the end of the year. Which is moreover false, since this is news. We learn that the new franchise title will not unveil a much hoped-for trailer, but there is a good reason for it: production has gone downhill due to the shift to telecommuting of the team. For Square Enix, there is also an ordering problem, since some third-party studios were unable to deliver the assets needed for the game on time.

Aware of the great expectation generated by the game, Yoshida-san now announces “a big reveal” of the game for spring 2022.

However, due to the efforts put in place to limit the effects of Covid-19, we had to decentralize our work force to allow the team to work from home. This hampered communication with the main office which resulted in delays, or, in extreme cases, cancellations, of the assets provided by our external partners.

The game should also clarify its exit window at this time. FF16 is expected for now exclusively on PS5, but could also find a date on Pc.

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