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After Bayonetta 3, Platinum Games is ready to show its next big game


While Bayonetta 3 will be released this year, Platinum Games is now focusing on Project GG, its most ambitious game.

Project GG is one of the many games that Platinum Games had teased for a long time now. The game had been given a small trailer, but nothing more. However, we might have some news next year.

Project GG sees things in GGeant

Interviewed by Famitsu, Platinum Games indeed said that the game was progressing well, but that the studio had also revised its ambitions upwards. The one that was announced as a “climax of superhero games” (Viewtifull Joe and Wonderfull 101), finally turned into an even bigger project.

The GG project began when I first presented the concept for the game. The same concept that you can see in the trailer. To put it simply, I was only thinking about what was in that video in the first place;

But Atsushi Inaba’s grand ambitions meant that we expanded a lot. Rather than creating a single game, Inaba wanted it to become “the new kind of game that Platinum Games was going to make from now on.

In response to that, we thought that we could certainly do this in a way that would further flesh out the concept of Project GG, and we developed it into the large-scale game that it is today. We didn’t expect the game to take this form.

A game with ambitions at least as outrageous as the steel hero and monster seen in the first trailer, then. For the moment, we know absolutely nothing about the game except that it will feature titanic battles. Platinum Games, however, said that, if the game has a gameplay marked with the paw of the studio, it may also surprise us.

Our previous games all have a “base game” component. For example, in The Wonderful 101 there was “Unite Morph”, and in Bayonetta there was “Witch Time”. A similar basic system is suggested in the Project GG teaser;

In fact, if we had produced the game in its original form, it would probably have been produced as a pure action game, as it has been up to now. However, Inaba’s ambitions took over and the game developed considerably. Project GG will therefore not be entirely action.

See you in a year to see Project GG

Despite these new revelations, we don’t know more about this famous GG Project. But Platinum Games assures us that we will have news very soon and that we should expect to see it by next summer. As for knowing if he will be at the Summer Games Fest or at E3, the studio preferred to keep the mystery.
In any case, we shouldn’t have much to look forward to until next year. In the meantime, Platinum’s next game, Bayonetta 3, is coming at the end of the year. That’s always a good thing.

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